Consulting service … Total support for the indirect cost reduction MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) sale … Various goods from office supplies, equipments and repair materials for plants, laboratories and institutes Facility management … Facility Maintenance, Store cleaning, Call-center operation, etc.
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value up cost down

We support customers widely from proposals to reduce the indirect cost and to offer various required solutions to achieve in favor of the optimization of your important resources towards the new value creation.
It's not only the proposal, but we are "The best partner in the MRO market, who can provide the visible results concretely. It is our Company.


Three engagements from Alpha Purchase

  1. We carry out all supports to reduce customers’indirect cost.
  2. We network the MRO market information, and offer new value.
  3. We contribute to people, community, and environment by supplying MRO.

What’s New

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